Ultimate List of Bugs in Maryland

The East Coast is a beautiful place! We live right in the middle of nature. Adventure is just outside our door. To keep this short- the greenery that surrounds us here in Maryland is jaw dropping! But lets face it, all the bugs in Maryland… jaw dropping for all the wrong reasons.

bugs in maryland

BUGS BUGS BUGS. Where there’s green there’s bugs. It’s all fun and games until those bugs find their way into your home.

According to the Insect Identification Database

There are 394 bugs identified in Maryland. This article won’t include all but you can visit the Insect Identification Database for the complete list bugs in the state.

Here’s your ultimate list of bugs in Maryland:

House Centipede:
This creepy crawler nearly gave my roommates and I a heart attack! Not only are they one of the ugliest bugs I’ve ever seen but also one of the fastest. I walk into my room mates room and a house centipede comes charging at me. We’re all originally from the West Coast and had no idea what this thing was charging at us. In a matter of 2 seconds we were all on top of chairs, desks, and beds- shrieks filled the room.

Kissing Bug:
Apparently it’s DEADLY! Read more here patch.com

Camel Cricket:
The name says it all, they have humped back. Like camels!

Brown Recluse:
Thankfully these recluse like to live alone but they’re venom can be deadly to humans.

Stink Bug:
Generally they’re found near crops but can come to you if you live near crops or have a home garden.

Confession; I love the sound of cicada’s. I probably don’t want to be up-close and personal with one but I love their sweet music in the summer.

bugs in maryland

These come in so many variation, as you know. Maryland’s most common are the German Cockroach, Brown-banded Cockroach, American Cockroach and Oriental Cockroach. These pictures are in order. (right to left, top to bottom)

bugs in maryland bugs in maryland

Wolf Spider:
Common to green areas. They’re bite is painful, they’re generally dangerous but not deadly.

Pelecinid Wasp:
Mostly around mid- late summer.

Bed Bug:
You’re most likely familiar with what these are and know they’re crazy to deal with! Check out Medicinenet.com for more info.

bugs in maryland

Prey on ants, small flies, mites, moths, and larvae instead of humans.



Cicada Killer:
These wasps do just what their name says, kill cicadas.

bugs in maryland

Eat nectar, don’t bite animals or humans.

European Earwig:
Found in grassy and wooded areas.

Black Widow:
Bites can be deadly. Treat early on, females lay 4 to 9 egg sacs with 100-400 eggs each.bugs in maryland




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Insect Identification Database


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